DI system

Adjustable Deionization Systems (DI)

High Recovery, Adjustable TDS Removal

Water Tech supplies Voltea CapDI© Capacitive Deionization (DI) tunable total dissolved salt (TDS) removal of 25 - 95% and up to 95% recovery at less than 0.5 kWh/m3, with no chemical costs.

Voltea CapDI is a tunable water deionization technology designed to remove dissolved salts from water sources ranging from tap water, brackish groundwater, to industrial process water. CapDI achieves this at lower cost and reduced environmental impact than any other available technology.


Voltea CapDI systems are modular, allowing easy expansion to meet any increased water demands.

Adjustable - Tunable

Voltea CapDI is tunable, allowing adjustable TDS reduction between 25 - 95% depending on customer needs, eliminating the requirement for blending to achieve a specific water quality. The customer sets their desired reduction rate and CapDI maintains this level, continually adjusting itself to account for any fluctuations in feed water characteristics.

Applications Include:

  • Wastewater Reuse
  • Cooling Towers - Scale control with no chemicals
  • Industrial Laundries - Prevents dull gray linens
  • Agriculture - Removes damaging sodium from seawater intrusion

Please refer to our technical datasheets, or contact us for additional information.