Calcite Media pH Neutralizer

Economical Distribution System Corrosion Control

Water Tech Calcite is a naturally occurring, white marble calcium carbonate media used to neutralize acidic or low pH water such as reverse osmosis (RO) permeate, increase pH and reduce corrosion. One advantage of Calcite is that when properly applied, it corrects pH only enough to reach a non-corrosive equilibrium. It does not overcorrect under normal conditions. Upon contact with Calcite, acidic waters slowly dissolve the calcium carbonate to raise the pH which reduces distribution system corrosion and the potential leaching of copper, lead and other metals found in plumbing systems.

General Operating Conditions:

  • Gravel support bed recommended
  • Water pH range: 5.0-7.0
  • Bed depth: 24-30 in.
  • Freeboard: 50% of bed depth (min.)
  • Backwash rate: 8-12 gpm/sq. ft.
  • Service flow rate: 3-6 gpm/sq. ft.


Water Tech also supplies pre-engineered calcite filter tanks and systems in all sizes.

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