Filox Iron, (Fe), Manganese (Mn), H2S Odor Removal Media


The Troublesome Trio !

High performance media for iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese removal. No oxidizing chemicals needed for regeneration. Filox™ out performs traditional media such as Birm® and Greensand. Highest flow rate of any standard iron removal media, 6 gpm/cu.ft service flow; 12-15 gpm/sq.ft backwash rate.

Filox Features and Benefits Include:

  • Superior high efficiency media for filtration and removal capabilities.
  • No oxidizing chemicals typically needed for regeneration (Request ORP test requirements).
  • High efficiency with 80% manganese dioxide for enhanced performance and capacity.
  • Effective, from 6.5 pH to 9.0 pH.
  • Highest flow rate of any iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide removal media.
  • 6 gpm / cu.ft service flow.
  • Filox systems available with pre-programmed regeneration cycles to optimize water treatment.


Water Tech also supplies pre-engineered Filox filter tanks and systems in all sizes.

Please refer to our technical datasheets, or contact us for additional information.