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Membrane Chemicals & Services
Reverse Osmosis (RO), Nano (NF), Ultra (UF), and Micro (MF) Filtration

Water Tech is a long-term trusted stocking supplier and technical expert of Avista® Technologies membrane system chemicals for reverse osmosis (RO), nano-filtration (NF), microfiltration / ultrafiltration (MF / UF) and multimedia filtration (MMF).

Membrane systems represent a significant investment, and Water Tech - Avista are experts in membrane care. We ensure the maximum useful life and production capacity of your membrane system, whether using reverse osmosis, microfiltration / ultrafiltration or multimedia filtration. Our focus is to enhance your membrane system life, performance, reliability and recovery rate.

Our process support services include membrane cleaning studies, membrane autopsies, off-site cleaning, field support, filtration studies, on-site supervision of procedures, chemical application recommendations, data monitoring and on-site troubleshooting.

Avista products are supplied in over 100 countries, helping customers achieve their water treatment goals.

Reverse Osmosis Typical Application Diagram:

Reverse Osmosis