treat bacteria

Wastewater Treatment Bacteria

Control of Odors, TSS, BOD, Sludge, Fat, Oil, Grease and More

The process of adding bacteria to enhance the natural biological degradation of waste water contaminants is called bio-augmentation.

Water Tech bacteria are highly concentrated mixtures of spores and vegetative bacteria, including patented Bacillus bacteria and Pseudomonas species providing multiple enzymes to degrade standard sewage components, proteins, fats, oil, grease, paper and plant tissue, surfactants, hydrocarbons, ammonia, and other chemicals. They are formulated to work in aerobic (with oxygen), anaerobic (without oxygen), or anoxic (low oxygen, high nitrate) environments and adapt to wastewater stream temperature, pH, and composition.

Water Tech non-sulfate reducing bacteria eliminate hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas and mal-odors common in septic anoxic and anaerobic wastewater conditions.

Each bacterial cell produces enzymes that degrade solids, organic matter, and contaminants. The bacteria reproduce rapidly, manufacturing more and more enzymes that degrade more and more waste matter. Solids and contaminant levels drop as the process of waste degradation is faster than the addition of new waste.

Water Tech Bacteria Benefits Include:

  • Reduce BOD and COD
  • Reduce Suspended Solids
  • Eliminate Odors
  • Control Fat, Oil, and Grease
  • Reduce Sludge Volume
  • Reduce Surfactants and Chemicals


Please refer to our technical datasheets, or contact us for additional information.