Proxitane WW-12 Wastewater Disinfectant

EPA Approved Non-Chlorine Wastewater Disinfectant

Water Tech Proxitane® WW-12 is a novel environmentally friendly, EPA approved chlorine-free disinfectant to treat sewage and wastewater effluent in public and private wastewater treatment plants. Widely used in Europe, Proxitane® WW-12, is based on peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide and effectively controls microbial levels in effluent prior to discharge.

Proxitane WW-12 decomposes into biodegradable components (water, oxygen and a small amount of acetic acid). The product does not create chlorinated compounds or harmful disinfection by-products in the environment.

Proxitane WW-12 Applications Include:

    • Municipal and Industrial Waste Water
    • Water Reuse
    • Replace Chlorine
    • Supplement Ultra Violet (UV) Systems

Please refer to our technical datasheets, or contact us for additional information.