Liquid Sodium Permanganate

NSF ANSI Standard 60 Blue

Potable Water Taste and Odor Control

Permanganate is a strong oxidant used primarily to control taste and odors, remove color, control biological growth in treatment plants, and remove iron and manganese. Permanganate can also be used for controlling the formation of trihalomethanes and other disinfection byproducts by oxidizing precursors and reducing the demand for other disinfectants.

Water Tech supplies 20% and 40% liquid sodium permanganate for these water treatments applications. Permanganate has also shown to lower coagulant dose requirements and improve clarification.

At full-scale water treatment applications, sodium or potassium permanganate is most commonly added early in the treatment process at the raw water intake. Permanganate oxidation may be followed by conventional treatment and filtration, granular activated carbon (GAC), membrane filtration, and chlorine disinfection.

Dose, contact time, pH and temperature affect the effectiveness of permanganate application. Typical doses are approximately 1 mg/L, but can vary depending on water quality and the application point (generally ranges between 0.1 and 5 mg/L).


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